Fuck Yeah 2PM Fanarts!
This tumblog is dedicated to fanarts of the Korean group 2PM, and their pets/mascots. 2PM consists of Minjun, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung. Their mascots/pets are Bbiyak, Kkeomaeng, Jeonggam, Audrey, Okcat, Piyoung, Koala Khun, Emperor Penpen, Pan.K, & Chanana. The fanarts are in form of digital, traditional and many more. None of this fanart was done by me. All credit goes to the artists (as linked or tagged). I just want to share the awesome.

The pictures that are used are by Oriental Lady & Yul.

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Jun. K Cr: kana2pm
Ninja Chansung cr: mousouga9wari
CNN galore :’) cr: Amidask
Cr: Amidask
Junho FA cr: kumiikmuk1981

Lovely JunHo (colored pencils+white gouache)
Cr: kumiimuk1981
Cr : mousouga9wari
via kaileech ,org. kaileech

NO ♥
My new JUN. K - fanart^^
via bechae ,org. bechae

Fanart , Mickey Khunwoo
credit : pike